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Sunday, 4 April 2010

...Gone to Hell...

My heart is full of hate,
my mind is full of pain,
I can’t even think no more,
man I’m feelin’ faint.
The days slow to months,
an hour is a day,
as I sit here in this seat,
and wish it all away.

My life force has been taken,
hope has been lost,
my mind has been broken,
but at what cost?
Give and take, is takin’ the piss,
I give and its gone,
no offer, here it is.
born with a curse,
there is no cure,
there is no tomorrow,
eyes burning red and sore.

Nobody to love, nobody to care,
look down on the ground,
heart pounds in fear,
down my cheek,
a lonely tear,
thought I was a good person,
so how is this fair?

I close my eyes,
and let the world turn away,
the gravity of this scene,
can make an unholy man pray,
I clench my fists and try to forget,
as heaven and hell wait to see who wins the bet.
It’s all twisted now, nothing is the same,
my mind has given up,
and my heart all the same,
so who’s to blame?
I think its me,
my eyes were shut,
and I couldn’t see.
Blinded with love, or stupidity,
she told me not to, but I did it anyway,
see, I’m just like you,
I’m part of the world,
but what did I do?
I gave it up and took a whirl.
And for what? For who?
It doesn’t matter anymore,
have I been a fool?
Oh yes, that’s for sure.

The sun has gone out!
All of a sudden, a drought,
The ground begins to shake, the earth opens up!
Hands on my head eyes wide – “what the fuck!?”
An explosion of ashes, ‘they’ pour blood in to a cup,
have I gone to hell?
Do I even exist?
Did heaven lose the bet?
Or am I drunk? I must be pissed!
A burning welcome sign rises,
as I’m squinting through the mist,
a celebration ensues, “WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU”.

Now what do I do?
Where do I run?
All I wanted from this life,
was to have a little fun!
But it looks like its all gone,
like I said before,
born with a curse,
and there is no cure.
Even if my hearts pure,
I havent a chance,
it’s a fucked up world,
you’re all walking in a trance!
For me, the end was at the start,
so I open up my arms,
and welcome in the dark.
I take a step forward,
I can feel the heat,
a great giant oven,
I’m the piece of meat.
My skin begins to melt,
my hair bursts in to flames,
eyes open, jump, screaam!
I’m sitting up in bed!
“What the fuck was that!?”
Was it all in my head?
For a moment there,
I thought I must be dead.

-> Lyrical Poet...

Friday, 2 April 2010

...Man of Emotion...

The Lyrical Poet is a man of emotion,
The Lyrical Poet is sick of this game,
The Lyrical Poet is full of devotion,
The Lyrical Poet doesn’t want any fame!

I was born just like you,
I'm not always full of hate,
its just the world fucking with me,
I guess you'd call it fate!
I don't even know anymore,
I've given up of late,
this world and its inhabitants,
can fuck themselves as they procrastinate,
to make a change for the better,
no loving red letter,
lies and deceit, its been going on forever,
since the beginning of time,
way before this rhyme,
the world ended years ago,
and you all think its just fine!
Wake up to the truth!
open up and see,
that its everyone for themselves,
not for you or me,
I'm sick of all the lies,
I'm cuttin all the ties,
I'm probably best off alone,
living under different skies,
My body is here, but not my soul,
when the fuck will I reach it?
the unreachable final goal.

Do you ever think of giving up?
and ending the fight of life?
do you ever want to ruck?
and defend with a knife?
a gleaming blade,
ready to pounce out the shade,
you scream in to the 'heavens',
and your anger starts to fade.
It turns another emotion,
and self pity you serenade,
you wallow in your mess,
and turn back the searing blade,
cos' you're sick of the world,
and everybody in it,
civil but not civilised,
this is war can't you feel it?

-> Lyrical Poet...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Its all about the time,
everything is a sin,
seems breathing is a crime,
so don't breath in!
make believe, mime,
smack you on the chin,
cos' you broke a rule with a rhyme!
all the pages,
in this story called 'life',
all these stages,
to end up cut up with a knife!?
you call this paradise?
living life - fearing whats outside?
run n hide muthafucka,
cos' peace is strife,
won't find it here,
or even over there,
you think they care?
as they stand there n stare,
waiting for you to slip up
make a mistake,
so they can drive the wooden stake
through your chest n call you fake!
I don't give a fuck anymore!
there, you know the score,
they're all rotten,
to the very core,
a person is sane,
people are insane,
humans but inhumane,
playing some stupid game,
some people believe in fame,
but its not jus them I'll blame,
cos' at the end of it all,
people are just the same.

-> Lyrical Poet...

Saturday, 13 March 2010


I hate this life,
why can't I get a break,
everything a strife,
everyones a fake.
dog eat dog isnt the case,
its man against man,
they all spit in your face,
no matter what your plan,
you'll never win the race,
I don't need a hand,
I need this life replaced.
where do I get a refund?
I've been ripped off,
screaming at the 'heavens',
why am I so unlucky?
what did I do wrong?
why is my life so shitty?
I ask you in a song!
I prayed and prayed,
and nothing changed,
God? are you in?
I'm feeling so derranged.
Ofcourse you're not,
you're not there,
why did I think,
that you even cared?
I've always done good,
and all I got was hell,
why the fuck,
am I under this spell?
I don't believe,
that you exist,
I must be going mad,
I'm talking to the mist,
all there is - is bad,
people on the piss,
there is no heaven,
its all just a myth.
I put in so much,
and I get no return!
when will you prove it!?
when I'm resting in my Urn!?
Whens it go full circle?
when do I get my turn?
when do I get the glory,
is there something I should learn!?
what is the fucking point,
of giving me so much shit!
why is there NOTHING,
but heartstrain and hells pit!
somethings gotta give,
cos I feel I can't go on,
how am I supposed to live?
when you take it all - its gone!
The good I do,
no matter how hard I try,
the lives I've saved,
still a tear in my eye,
there is no release,
just more reasons to cry,
I'm on the verge of giving up,
my mouth is going dry.
there is no god or heaven,
so I'll say no more - goodbye.

-> Lyrical Poet...


Rhyme n rhyme,
like its a crime,
take it slow,
take your time,
nod your head,
to the beat of the grime,
screw this place,
all the slime,
happiness is a myth,
smile n get a fine.

I hate this shit,
the good is gone,
"this is it!"
but its been so long.
everyone for themselves,
dog eat dog
no princess or prince,
a poisonous frog,
fairy tales are lost,
in a thick white smog,
man-made disaster,
don't need a pre-cog,
for the elite hog.
get ready to shit yourself,
get in the bog.

Open your eyes,
wait n see,
that nothing is quiet just as it seems,
its all an illusion,
to a certain degree,
to cause a delusion,
- a mass mirage,
not just a collusion,
a lie collage,
this allusion,
not based on confusion,
a simple evolution,
set for a conclusion.

The game has begun,
but you can't play,
do as you're told,
"roll-over, sit - stay",
a lonely pawn,
in a greater picture,
no Monet, no Picasso,
a hypnotic lecture,
no soothing aloe,
obey don't fret,
but be sure to bet,
that your role here is set,
'cos you're never gonna get,
where you wanna be,
it's in the net,
game over,
a new world order "TO LET".

They're not taking over,
they already have,
the best part is,
its already in the bag,
no going back,
this isnt a gag,
evening Mister,
no refunds turn Away,
won't you turn around,
and walk Away!
nobody here to help,
so you can't stay,
its a New World Order,
I know you already paid,
but pay as you may as you try to play,
the never ending game,
quit it, "Hey",
"you over there, OBEY!",
"the path has been set"
"deter and you're in a mess"
"your life is determined"
"the choice has been made"
"you're born, educated, worked and laid to rest",
"do it another way and killer instincts put to the test"
"lock you away, there is no key"
"try to flee but you can't defy me!"
"laughing so hard"
"cos its not happening to ME"
"you're the chess piece, I am the game,
"no worries, you don't need to be in the frame"
"like I said, OBEY!"
'they' will never let you stray!"

The point has been taken,
the point has been made,
but the world has been stolen,
bent over and laid!
I don't understand why,
people are so afraid,
why choose to live a lie?
they said it, you obeyed!
What the hell is going on?
its all falling apart,
the human race is loving,
but more than half have no heart!
I said it at the end,
and now its just the start,
the games have begun,
don't die, but leave a mark!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

...Interfering Bitch...

Just don't know where the fuck I found you
somebody so spontaneous,
someone who made my feelings true,
where have you been?
all this time,
so frustrated,
us apart should be a crime.

The way you are,
you and I together,
can go really far,
is there such a thing as forever?
cruising in my car,
we can be together never?
me getting drunk at a bar,
I thought I was clever.

What can I say to you?
where is this going?
what can I do?
just sit here, flowing,
but I really have no clue,
all I know,
is that its me n you,
givin' it a go,
going with the so called flow,
neither in the know,
of where its gotta go,
nonetheless we show,
that this decision is clever,
not letting go,
oh no,
we're gonna make a go,
ready set, "NO!"
"I don't agree"
"don't do that"
"don't you see"
"shes with him, not you or me"
"I wouldnt like it if you did that to me"
"listen to me"
"its all about me"
"what I say, Me"
I turn around and I flee,
talking shit,
keep it bitch!
I dont give a fuck
fuckin' ass itch,
leavin you in a ditch!
I know what I'm doing,
they call me hitch,
shut up,
quit the snitch,
anger with a fuckin stitch.

Hate the interferance,
all irrelevance,
patience is a virtue,
and so is tolerance,
so slow it down,
listen and learn,
trust in me,
or get ready to burn,
'cos I am the alpha,
I am the one,
if it wasnt for me Bitch,
you'd be gone!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

...It's Up...

Word play like sword play,
don't care, you'll pay,
its another day,
mafucker hey yay,
gonna get you another way,
let me finish,
if I may!

24/7 til late,
the one n only,
the great,
think i'll leave this shit up to fate?
makin my own luck,
for my own sake,
you're a joke, you suck,
everything from you I'll take!
you tramp, poor little fake snake,
hide n pounce out a lake,
evil mofo, I need a wooden stake,
spring in to action with neckbreak!

The one the only,
the Lyrical Poet,
all o'them go crazy,
cos they all already know-it!
The challenge is up,
comment if you will,
you wanna battle?
bring it on "G's",
cowardly babies heres a rattle!
don't need no degrees,
step on to the stage,
freestyles please,
fill the blank page!

-> Lyrical Poet...

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