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Saturday, 13 March 2010


I hate this life,
why can't I get a break,
everything a strife,
everyones a fake.
dog eat dog isnt the case,
its man against man,
they all spit in your face,
no matter what your plan,
you'll never win the race,
I don't need a hand,
I need this life replaced.
where do I get a refund?
I've been ripped off,
screaming at the 'heavens',
why am I so unlucky?
what did I do wrong?
why is my life so shitty?
I ask you in a song!
I prayed and prayed,
and nothing changed,
God? are you in?
I'm feeling so derranged.
Ofcourse you're not,
you're not there,
why did I think,
that you even cared?
I've always done good,
and all I got was hell,
why the fuck,
am I under this spell?
I don't believe,
that you exist,
I must be going mad,
I'm talking to the mist,
all there is - is bad,
people on the piss,
there is no heaven,
its all just a myth.
I put in so much,
and I get no return!
when will you prove it!?
when I'm resting in my Urn!?
Whens it go full circle?
when do I get my turn?
when do I get the glory,
is there something I should learn!?
what is the fucking point,
of giving me so much shit!
why is there NOTHING,
but heartstrain and hells pit!
somethings gotta give,
cos I feel I can't go on,
how am I supposed to live?
when you take it all - its gone!
The good I do,
no matter how hard I try,
the lives I've saved,
still a tear in my eye,
there is no release,
just more reasons to cry,
I'm on the verge of giving up,
my mouth is going dry.
there is no god or heaven,
so I'll say no more - goodbye.

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