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Friday, 16 December 2011


I'm so fucked off I'm fucking livid!

Who the fuck do you think you are!
You arrogant piece of shit!
Never have I met someone so fucking high
on his own bullshit!
It's like you don't even try
it's just natural to you
you think you're smart enough to do what I do!?
Fuck You!

You're a small insignificant speck on this earth!
with the other assholes too it doesn't get much worse!
Shame on all your mothers for even giving birth!
The whole lot of you should be ditched in the dirt!
you fucking curse!

I'm so through taking shit off of all of you!
You think it's easy for me to do what I do!
You useless fucks wake up and smell the shit in the air
It's seeping out your lungs 'cos thats all thats there!

I'm tellin' you you're mistaken,
and I got shit to prove it!
But you don't wanna listen,
'cos you're too fucking stupid!
I ain't gotta dress up that you're so wrong
Not gonna sing you a lullaby or a fucking song!

The facts are loaded and aimed at your head,
quit the charade, Rest In Peace in your bed,
or get down under after being pumped full of dead!

-> Lyrical Poet...


The man in the mirror looks beyond all the shimmer, sets out on a task to make it and deliver, the change is the game to do something better, not about fame or making a name, its about doing right so you're not the one to blame! The end comes fast so make it all count, if each man himself made a change the difference would be paramount!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Had a walk around London the other day, haven't done that in a while.

It's interesting walking around even if it's just to take in the huge diversity of people living here. It really is a multicultural place. Quite odd really. You can pretty much see almost every ethnicity represented here; how did this happen?

Some argue that it's a 'bad' thing, but most say it's a great! Personally I believe that as long as anyone "foreign" (I use the term loosely) contributes positively, then why not be happy about them being here?

What really makes my blood boil is people who come here knowing that they will be "taken care of by the tax payer". Now, I do not have an issue with people claiming benefits (when they are actually entitled!), but why oh why do we constantly hear about our government paying out to people who are obviously taking the piss!? They come here, act like parasites and simply leech off the tax payer!

A few months ago, I heard about a family of gypsies. They had something like 11 kids and kept on being "upgraded" to a bigger home! They were somehow "entitled" to all this money and allowance all because they had so many kids and didn't work for a living.

I work hard, extremely hard! Where has it got me? I'm not living in a mansion! I am being taxed to death! Why? So we can support people like this and give them a massive house to live in for nothing? They pretty much had a huge HD screen in every room!

Losing faith in this so called "system"... actually scratch that, I have LOST faith in this non-existant "system". It's broken and the "powers" above really don't know how to fix it!

I'll leave you with a couple of the pics I took whilst walking around this confused city.

Over and out, I have taxes to pay!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

...Mad World...

Nothing ceases to amaze me anymore.

Did anyone see the video of the 2 year old girl being run over in China? If not, YouTube it, but viewer beware, you're in for a scare. It's horrible.

The jist is; a little girl is walking along a busy market-type area and a truck runs her down - running her over completely. He stops, then floors it, running her over yet again with his rear tyres.

The most shocking part of this CCTV camera footage is what happens next, as if what just happened wasn't bad enough! Passers by simply look at the 2 year old girl in a pool of her own blood, and continue walking. Traffic simply goes around her... till another large truck runs over her legs, spattering even more blood on to the road.

Eventually, a lady comes along and drags the bloodied 2 year old to the side of the road - then fetches the baby girls mother.

We later learn that the innocent 2 year old girl was brain dead and died, slowly, in pain, of her horrific injuries.

Now, what the FUCK is going on here! Look in to it, and you find the disturbing truth. Apparently, the Chinese don't like having girls. They are not seen as strong, and are seen as a burden. Nobody cares.

The two drivers are later arrested. The driver who initially struck the girl, in interview, said; "She wasn't looking where she was going, I was on the phone. I was going to get out and help her, but then I saw the blood. So I floored it as nobody was around. If she died, I only have to pay 32,000 yuan, otherwise I may have had to pay hundreds of thousands".

All this, in my opinion, sums up the world we live in today. It's not about life, its about currency. It's not blood, its money.

I know this isn't a rhyme, but this had to be done. Maybe this is a new slant for the Lyrical Poet? Or am I going back to my broader roots...?

Time will tell.

-> Lyrical Poet...

Friday, 7 October 2011

...Rest In Peace - Steve Jobs - 1955-2011...

A legend has passed away, and has left in his wake a gaping hole in the tech world. Steve Jobs changed the world. He changed the way we do things, and made the world so much better than it once was. I'd like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to Steve, you really were the worlds greatest innovator.

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish..."

Rest In Peace, you will never be forgotten.

-> Lyrical Poet...

Monday, 16 May 2011

...Just a thought... (not a rhyme!)

It may not seem it,
but I think the world is beautiful.
Some say its people who are the cancer.
We ruin the Earth by going against nature.
BUT, whose to say that this isn't what nature intended?
After all, nature (or 'god' if you prefer), gave us this intelligence,
so the way I see it,
IF 'god' didn't want us to do what we do,
then why give us the capability?
Doesn't this mean that it's all part of the 'plan'?
I'm guessing that religious people will say "we have to make the right choice",
Will stupidity prevail and end the world?

Just a thought...

-> Lyrical Poet...

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

...State Of Mind...

No goal I can't reach,
no flow I can't speak,
no mountain I can't climb,
no words I can't rhyme,
takin' my time,
building my empire,
cos' its a state of mind,
gonna make it mine,
take it like its a crime,
before you bring yours,
I'll be up there with mine!
cos' before you turned up,
we all doin' jus fine,
so step back n walk away,
back through the 'no entry' sign!

-> Lyrical Poet...


Heartfelt heartmelt heartbeat heartbreak heartsake hand on heart heartache!
Heart attack sporadic mess thumping beat fearful feat breathless breath sweaty head
heart is gonna fuckin melt - call for help chest heavy punch it down break the levy
all this for someone else fuckin asshole in a daze time is slow but there go the days
its all over purple haze ha ha ah let it slip going cray-ending-zee its all over
you fuck with me I fuck with you so listen up its fuckin true!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Friday, 6 May 2011


You think you know me,
you don't know shit.
You think you can out flow me,
haha, blow me!

This life this strife this world this knife this frame this game another day its all the same - shit is lame rise to fame you ain't never winnin' this shit so keep tame n listen up!

Man I can fuck you up till you drop,
fuck you up, down, sideways and all around,
pull a three sixty,
who you think you're 50?
fuck 50 he's a bitch too!
I'm gonna break loose n screw all you bitches,
don't need no 'crew'!

You think this rhyme is hatin'?
man this shit is blazin',
this flow I'm creatin',
hear the call its not for mating,
gonna heat it up, you're bakin'!

Its gets to me how people don't see,
that life just isn't what it used to be!
I've seen it all!
hatin' dealin' lyin'
you can't surprise me even if I were dyin'!
Standing tall not letting up,
slip - almost fall - I ain't givin' it up!
I ain't never gonna drop the ball on this one,
fuck it,
I'll even challenge you to use all your might,
you still won't stand true,
I don't even gotta do anything to you!
It'll all come back
in a way you never knew!

I was sick down n out,
all you fuckers took advantage!
but I'm back now with a vengeance
cold isn't how revenge is best served,
its best served relentlessly
till you choke on it and you can't see!
you thought you could screw me over,
n become me?
fuckin' joke, you'll never get close!

Give up before its over,
cos this rhymes got a pulse!
look its growin' arms n legs,
theres the head,
fuck it just broke your neck!
ha gotcha,
its really behind you now,
turn around...
made you jump?
in your throat theres a lump?
its called fear,
cos I ain't got nothing to lose,
thats right I don't give a fuck or care!
So as I see you runnin toward me from there,
clutching the butterfly with hell in your eyes,
I'll stand and watch,
cos' karma gonna trip you up,
you stumble and fall, the blade in your torso,
splutter n blubber,
It's over!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Saturday, 12 March 2011

...Bad Boy 'wannabes'...

Classics never die,
legends forever living,
motherfucker you're neither,
with these words I'm killin'!
I'm Tony Montana,
you're less hardcore than Hannah!
Listen up mofo,
I'm Hannibal Lectah!

You think you can win this shit?
Imagined a victory?
It's a game of wit!
You're history!
Listen up prick,
cos' this rhyme isn't dissin',
just statin' the facts,
on your life I am pissin'!
You probably enjoy that shit though!
You're a cheap shit sick prick like that!
Yo' mama's a hoe,
n your dads a twat!

Enough of the 'rude boy' talk,
you think I can't do that shit too?
Prick I can rhyme circles round you,
n your little faggot 'crew' too!
You're like a group of bitches,
gossipin shit, backtalkin,
none of you with the balls for straight talkin'!
man up, step up your game,
or move the fuck on!
This ain't no claim to fame!
shut the fuck up or I'll make you gone!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Friday, 14 January 2011

...Stitch It Up...

Why won't someone push me over, fill my skull full of lead?
Won't the world stop fucking with me, open and swallow me instead?
I actually think about it,
I guess I'm fucked in the head,
Will I wake up?
The next time I sleep in my bed?
See, I have a theory,
You might have heard it before,
It's that the world is fuckin over,
I've said it before,
No matter of tears,
Eyes bloodshot and sore,
The way it's headed,
We are all no more.
It's all about money, it's always has been,
You think they give a fuck when they didn't before?
Climate change, tax, carbon footprints,
it's all an excuse to buy them more cufflinks!
Cos the world was stolen, before we were born,
taken from mother nature, brutally torn,
it's just another day, closer to the end,
you'll only see it when your dead my friend!
The shit I go through,
the hurt and the pain,
the shit I put up with drives me insane!
I can't get it back, all I ever had,
where did I go wrong!?
It's like I never had!
My mind explodes and my heart implodes,
I drop like I'm nothing,
and that's how it goes.
I'm at the end, end of my tether,
no loving red letter no word to uphold,
just another day, time to be bold,
cos the time is near,
I'm going to fold.
No hand to play, I'm all out,
the cards have spoken, I've busted out!
Game over son,
better luck next time,
but you don't have the heart,
it's broken - oh fuck!
Pick up the pieces and stitch em back up,
pump it full of blood n watch it fuck up!
There's no going back,
my world has changed,
flipped upside down while I brew in a rage.
So much built up, I'm gonna overflow,
blow my top and fuckin explode,
I've been a good person, always so true,
but fuck it nobody cares,
and neither do you!

-> Lyrical Poet...

...Quick FB Status...

Time is a wastin', this hallway I am pacing, I don't even know what this rhyme is dictating! I just say the words, act the part, am I fakin'? You don't have a clue whats on my mind, it is racing! The world is a joke, all the challenges we facin', every man for himself, only bringin’ home the bacon! So how does this relate to you? I'm just procrastinating! It's up to you how you do, responsibility I'm delegating!

-> Lyrical Poet...