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Monday, 16 May 2011

...Just a thought... (not a rhyme!)

It may not seem it,
but I think the world is beautiful.
Some say its people who are the cancer.
We ruin the Earth by going against nature.
BUT, whose to say that this isn't what nature intended?
After all, nature (or 'god' if you prefer), gave us this intelligence,
so the way I see it,
IF 'god' didn't want us to do what we do,
then why give us the capability?
Doesn't this mean that it's all part of the 'plan'?
I'm guessing that religious people will say "we have to make the right choice",
Will stupidity prevail and end the world?

Just a thought...

-> Lyrical Poet...

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

...State Of Mind...

No goal I can't reach,
no flow I can't speak,
no mountain I can't climb,
no words I can't rhyme,
takin' my time,
building my empire,
cos' its a state of mind,
gonna make it mine,
take it like its a crime,
before you bring yours,
I'll be up there with mine!
cos' before you turned up,
we all doin' jus fine,
so step back n walk away,
back through the 'no entry' sign!

-> Lyrical Poet...


Heartfelt heartmelt heartbeat heartbreak heartsake hand on heart heartache!
Heart attack sporadic mess thumping beat fearful feat breathless breath sweaty head
heart is gonna fuckin melt - call for help chest heavy punch it down break the levy
all this for someone else fuckin asshole in a daze time is slow but there go the days
its all over purple haze ha ha ah let it slip going cray-ending-zee its all over
you fuck with me I fuck with you so listen up its fuckin true!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Friday, 6 May 2011


You think you know me,
you don't know shit.
You think you can out flow me,
haha, blow me!

This life this strife this world this knife this frame this game another day its all the same - shit is lame rise to fame you ain't never winnin' this shit so keep tame n listen up!

Man I can fuck you up till you drop,
fuck you up, down, sideways and all around,
pull a three sixty,
who you think you're 50?
fuck 50 he's a bitch too!
I'm gonna break loose n screw all you bitches,
don't need no 'crew'!

You think this rhyme is hatin'?
man this shit is blazin',
this flow I'm creatin',
hear the call its not for mating,
gonna heat it up, you're bakin'!

Its gets to me how people don't see,
that life just isn't what it used to be!
I've seen it all!
hatin' dealin' lyin'
you can't surprise me even if I were dyin'!
Standing tall not letting up,
slip - almost fall - I ain't givin' it up!
I ain't never gonna drop the ball on this one,
fuck it,
I'll even challenge you to use all your might,
you still won't stand true,
I don't even gotta do anything to you!
It'll all come back
in a way you never knew!

I was sick down n out,
all you fuckers took advantage!
but I'm back now with a vengeance
cold isn't how revenge is best served,
its best served relentlessly
till you choke on it and you can't see!
you thought you could screw me over,
n become me?
fuckin' joke, you'll never get close!

Give up before its over,
cos this rhymes got a pulse!
look its growin' arms n legs,
theres the head,
fuck it just broke your neck!
ha gotcha,
its really behind you now,
turn around...
made you jump?
in your throat theres a lump?
its called fear,
cos I ain't got nothing to lose,
thats right I don't give a fuck or care!
So as I see you runnin toward me from there,
clutching the butterfly with hell in your eyes,
I'll stand and watch,
cos' karma gonna trip you up,
you stumble and fall, the blade in your torso,
splutter n blubber,
It's over!

-> Lyrical Poet...