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Friday, 14 January 2011

...Stitch It Up...

Why won't someone push me over, fill my skull full of lead?
Won't the world stop fucking with me, open and swallow me instead?
I actually think about it,
I guess I'm fucked in the head,
Will I wake up?
The next time I sleep in my bed?
See, I have a theory,
You might have heard it before,
It's that the world is fuckin over,
I've said it before,
No matter of tears,
Eyes bloodshot and sore,
The way it's headed,
We are all no more.
It's all about money, it's always has been,
You think they give a fuck when they didn't before?
Climate change, tax, carbon footprints,
it's all an excuse to buy them more cufflinks!
Cos the world was stolen, before we were born,
taken from mother nature, brutally torn,
it's just another day, closer to the end,
you'll only see it when your dead my friend!
The shit I go through,
the hurt and the pain,
the shit I put up with drives me insane!
I can't get it back, all I ever had,
where did I go wrong!?
It's like I never had!
My mind explodes and my heart implodes,
I drop like I'm nothing,
and that's how it goes.
I'm at the end, end of my tether,
no loving red letter no word to uphold,
just another day, time to be bold,
cos the time is near,
I'm going to fold.
No hand to play, I'm all out,
the cards have spoken, I've busted out!
Game over son,
better luck next time,
but you don't have the heart,
it's broken - oh fuck!
Pick up the pieces and stitch em back up,
pump it full of blood n watch it fuck up!
There's no going back,
my world has changed,
flipped upside down while I brew in a rage.
So much built up, I'm gonna overflow,
blow my top and fuckin explode,
I've been a good person, always so true,
but fuck it nobody cares,
and neither do you!

-> Lyrical Poet...

...Quick FB Status...

Time is a wastin', this hallway I am pacing, I don't even know what this rhyme is dictating! I just say the words, act the part, am I fakin'? You don't have a clue whats on my mind, it is racing! The world is a joke, all the challenges we facin', every man for himself, only bringin’ home the bacon! So how does this relate to you? I'm just procrastinating! It's up to you how you do, responsibility I'm delegating!

-> Lyrical Poet...