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Saturday, 12 March 2011

...Bad Boy 'wannabes'...

Classics never die,
legends forever living,
motherfucker you're neither,
with these words I'm killin'!
I'm Tony Montana,
you're less hardcore than Hannah!
Listen up mofo,
I'm Hannibal Lectah!

You think you can win this shit?
Imagined a victory?
It's a game of wit!
You're history!
Listen up prick,
cos' this rhyme isn't dissin',
just statin' the facts,
on your life I am pissin'!
You probably enjoy that shit though!
You're a cheap shit sick prick like that!
Yo' mama's a hoe,
n your dads a twat!

Enough of the 'rude boy' talk,
you think I can't do that shit too?
Prick I can rhyme circles round you,
n your little faggot 'crew' too!
You're like a group of bitches,
gossipin shit, backtalkin,
none of you with the balls for straight talkin'!
man up, step up your game,
or move the fuck on!
This ain't no claim to fame!
shut the fuck up or I'll make you gone!

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