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Friday, 16 December 2011


I'm so fucked off I'm fucking livid!

Who the fuck do you think you are!
You arrogant piece of shit!
Never have I met someone so fucking high
on his own bullshit!
It's like you don't even try
it's just natural to you
you think you're smart enough to do what I do!?
Fuck You!

You're a small insignificant speck on this earth!
with the other assholes too it doesn't get much worse!
Shame on all your mothers for even giving birth!
The whole lot of you should be ditched in the dirt!
you fucking curse!

I'm so through taking shit off of all of you!
You think it's easy for me to do what I do!
You useless fucks wake up and smell the shit in the air
It's seeping out your lungs 'cos thats all thats there!

I'm tellin' you you're mistaken,
and I got shit to prove it!
But you don't wanna listen,
'cos you're too fucking stupid!
I ain't gotta dress up that you're so wrong
Not gonna sing you a lullaby or a fucking song!

The facts are loaded and aimed at your head,
quit the charade, Rest In Peace in your bed,
or get down under after being pumped full of dead!

-> Lyrical Poet...


The man in the mirror looks beyond all the shimmer, sets out on a task to make it and deliver, the change is the game to do something better, not about fame or making a name, its about doing right so you're not the one to blame! The end comes fast so make it all count, if each man himself made a change the difference would be paramount!

-> Lyrical Poet...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Had a walk around London the other day, haven't done that in a while.

It's interesting walking around even if it's just to take in the huge diversity of people living here. It really is a multicultural place. Quite odd really. You can pretty much see almost every ethnicity represented here; how did this happen?

Some argue that it's a 'bad' thing, but most say it's a great! Personally I believe that as long as anyone "foreign" (I use the term loosely) contributes positively, then why not be happy about them being here?

What really makes my blood boil is people who come here knowing that they will be "taken care of by the tax payer". Now, I do not have an issue with people claiming benefits (when they are actually entitled!), but why oh why do we constantly hear about our government paying out to people who are obviously taking the piss!? They come here, act like parasites and simply leech off the tax payer!

A few months ago, I heard about a family of gypsies. They had something like 11 kids and kept on being "upgraded" to a bigger home! They were somehow "entitled" to all this money and allowance all because they had so many kids and didn't work for a living.

I work hard, extremely hard! Where has it got me? I'm not living in a mansion! I am being taxed to death! Why? So we can support people like this and give them a massive house to live in for nothing? They pretty much had a huge HD screen in every room!

Losing faith in this so called "system"... actually scratch that, I have LOST faith in this non-existant "system". It's broken and the "powers" above really don't know how to fix it!

I'll leave you with a couple of the pics I took whilst walking around this confused city.

Over and out, I have taxes to pay!

-> Lyrical Poet...