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Friday, 16 December 2011


I'm so fucked off I'm fucking livid!

Who the fuck do you think you are!
You arrogant piece of shit!
Never have I met someone so fucking high
on his own bullshit!
It's like you don't even try
it's just natural to you
you think you're smart enough to do what I do!?
Fuck You!

You're a small insignificant speck on this earth!
with the other assholes too it doesn't get much worse!
Shame on all your mothers for even giving birth!
The whole lot of you should be ditched in the dirt!
you fucking curse!

I'm so through taking shit off of all of you!
You think it's easy for me to do what I do!
You useless fucks wake up and smell the shit in the air
It's seeping out your lungs 'cos thats all thats there!

I'm tellin' you you're mistaken,
and I got shit to prove it!
But you don't wanna listen,
'cos you're too fucking stupid!
I ain't gotta dress up that you're so wrong
Not gonna sing you a lullaby or a fucking song!

The facts are loaded and aimed at your head,
quit the charade, Rest In Peace in your bed,
or get down under after being pumped full of dead!

-> Lyrical Poet...


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