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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

...Nothing Life of Living...

Music is the sound of life,
the heart beating and the ending with a knife!
The struggle the strife the mind bending luck of the dice!
People come and people go, people stay and people know,
how you feel and how you do, the things that make you unique and you!
You say you understand and play the game of living,
when all in all we know nothing but breathing!
Time flies and time lies, life is short and the clock denies you the time to live,
as the world turns our race through a human sieve,
it filters out the old and keeps hold of the new,
the mother and her baby almost due.
New lives created and old perishing,
leaving only a memory and legacy,
becoming legends by fighting to the end,
they live on in our hearts till we too reach the end!
Nothing is infinite; we're a finite race on a finite rock in space,
as it hurtles through the nothing of the nothingness of nothing,
we think we are relevant or something!
The amount we don't understand,
the vast celestial universe and its enormity,
surely that just shows that our issues are some weird anomaly!
Insignificance is clear,
but our hearts bleed so much love that our minds can't fathom or bear,
that we just don't matter, it doesn’t matter, the world is but a grain of nothing,
in the universe of nothing,
floating in an even bigger nothing!
So again dear friend, why do you think you're something?
Is it because the way we work is so defining of what we are?
Is the very definition of our race to be something it was not meant to be?
is it to be or not to be to a certain degree it’s a monstrosity don't you see?
You're a freak accident; you shouldn’t be here with me!
You were never even meant to be!
But here you are, a small but blinding bright shining star,
you light up the heavens and cast hell in a shadow,
you glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel,
you Angel from above flown in by a turtle dove!
But if you're a shining star where is the opposite?
where is the darkness and the creator within?
Where is the master of pain anguish and sin?
He's blinded by your light full of win!
See I'm not religious in any amounts,
but I believe in something we know nothing about!
Isn't that just the same as what you believe?
or what they believe?
We're all the same book but with a different cover,
and the cover comes in many different colours!
and the colours have many different shades,
whites blacks browns and uncountable fades!
there is only one red,
and we all bleed it the same,
so stop the hate and the life taking game,
You all fight kill and maim,
hang your heads in shame, take responsibility and blame,
you say you're different?
but you’re all just... the same.

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