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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Its all about the time,
everything is a sin,
seems breathing is a crime,
so don't breath in!
make believe, mime,
smack you on the chin,
cos' you broke a rule with a rhyme!
all the pages,
in this story called 'life',
all these stages,
to end up cut up with a knife!?
you call this paradise?
living life - fearing whats outside?
run n hide muthafucka,
cos' peace is strife,
won't find it here,
or even over there,
you think they care?
as they stand there n stare,
waiting for you to slip up
make a mistake,
so they can drive the wooden stake
through your chest n call you fake!
I don't give a fuck anymore!
there, you know the score,
they're all rotten,
to the very core,
a person is sane,
people are insane,
humans but inhumane,
playing some stupid game,
some people believe in fame,
but its not jus them I'll blame,
cos' at the end of it all,
people are just the same.

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