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Friday, 2 April 2010

...Man of Emotion...

The Lyrical Poet is a man of emotion,
The Lyrical Poet is sick of this game,
The Lyrical Poet is full of devotion,
The Lyrical Poet doesn’t want any fame!

I was born just like you,
I'm not always full of hate,
its just the world fucking with me,
I guess you'd call it fate!
I don't even know anymore,
I've given up of late,
this world and its inhabitants,
can fuck themselves as they procrastinate,
to make a change for the better,
no loving red letter,
lies and deceit, its been going on forever,
since the beginning of time,
way before this rhyme,
the world ended years ago,
and you all think its just fine!
Wake up to the truth!
open up and see,
that its everyone for themselves,
not for you or me,
I'm sick of all the lies,
I'm cuttin all the ties,
I'm probably best off alone,
living under different skies,
My body is here, but not my soul,
when the fuck will I reach it?
the unreachable final goal.

Do you ever think of giving up?
and ending the fight of life?
do you ever want to ruck?
and defend with a knife?
a gleaming blade,
ready to pounce out the shade,
you scream in to the 'heavens',
and your anger starts to fade.
It turns another emotion,
and self pity you serenade,
you wallow in your mess,
and turn back the searing blade,
cos' you're sick of the world,
and everybody in it,
civil but not civilised,
this is war can't you feel it?

-> Lyrical Poet...


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