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Sunday, 4 April 2010

...Gone to Hell...

My heart is full of hate,
my mind is full of pain,
I can’t even think no more,
man I’m feelin’ faint.
The days slow to months,
an hour is a day,
as I sit here in this seat,
and wish it all away.

My life force has been taken,
hope has been lost,
my mind has been broken,
but at what cost?
Give and take, is takin’ the piss,
I give and its gone,
no offer, here it is.
born with a curse,
there is no cure,
there is no tomorrow,
eyes burning red and sore.

Nobody to love, nobody to care,
look down on the ground,
heart pounds in fear,
down my cheek,
a lonely tear,
thought I was a good person,
so how is this fair?

I close my eyes,
and let the world turn away,
the gravity of this scene,
can make an unholy man pray,
I clench my fists and try to forget,
as heaven and hell wait to see who wins the bet.
It’s all twisted now, nothing is the same,
my mind has given up,
and my heart all the same,
so who’s to blame?
I think its me,
my eyes were shut,
and I couldn’t see.
Blinded with love, or stupidity,
she told me not to, but I did it anyway,
see, I’m just like you,
I’m part of the world,
but what did I do?
I gave it up and took a whirl.
And for what? For who?
It doesn’t matter anymore,
have I been a fool?
Oh yes, that’s for sure.

The sun has gone out!
All of a sudden, a drought,
The ground begins to shake, the earth opens up!
Hands on my head eyes wide – “what the fuck!?”
An explosion of ashes, ‘they’ pour blood in to a cup,
have I gone to hell?
Do I even exist?
Did heaven lose the bet?
Or am I drunk? I must be pissed!
A burning welcome sign rises,
as I’m squinting through the mist,
a celebration ensues, “WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU”.

Now what do I do?
Where do I run?
All I wanted from this life,
was to have a little fun!
But it looks like its all gone,
like I said before,
born with a curse,
and there is no cure.
Even if my hearts pure,
I havent a chance,
it’s a fucked up world,
you’re all walking in a trance!
For me, the end was at the start,
so I open up my arms,
and welcome in the dark.
I take a step forward,
I can feel the heat,
a great giant oven,
I’m the piece of meat.
My skin begins to melt,
my hair bursts in to flames,
eyes open, jump, screaam!
I’m sitting up in bed!
“What the fuck was that!?”
Was it all in my head?
For a moment there,
I thought I must be dead.

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