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Saturday, 13 March 2010


Rhyme n rhyme,
like its a crime,
take it slow,
take your time,
nod your head,
to the beat of the grime,
screw this place,
all the slime,
happiness is a myth,
smile n get a fine.

I hate this shit,
the good is gone,
"this is it!"
but its been so long.
everyone for themselves,
dog eat dog
no princess or prince,
a poisonous frog,
fairy tales are lost,
in a thick white smog,
man-made disaster,
don't need a pre-cog,
for the elite hog.
get ready to shit yourself,
get in the bog.

Open your eyes,
wait n see,
that nothing is quiet just as it seems,
its all an illusion,
to a certain degree,
to cause a delusion,
- a mass mirage,
not just a collusion,
a lie collage,
this allusion,
not based on confusion,
a simple evolution,
set for a conclusion.

The game has begun,
but you can't play,
do as you're told,
"roll-over, sit - stay",
a lonely pawn,
in a greater picture,
no Monet, no Picasso,
a hypnotic lecture,
no soothing aloe,
obey don't fret,
but be sure to bet,
that your role here is set,
'cos you're never gonna get,
where you wanna be,
it's in the net,
game over,
a new world order "TO LET".

They're not taking over,
they already have,
the best part is,
its already in the bag,
no going back,
this isnt a gag,
evening Mister,
no refunds turn Away,
won't you turn around,
and walk Away!
nobody here to help,
so you can't stay,
its a New World Order,
I know you already paid,
but pay as you may as you try to play,
the never ending game,
quit it, "Hey",
"you over there, OBEY!",
"the path has been set"
"deter and you're in a mess"
"your life is determined"
"the choice has been made"
"you're born, educated, worked and laid to rest",
"do it another way and killer instincts put to the test"
"lock you away, there is no key"
"try to flee but you can't defy me!"
"laughing so hard"
"cos its not happening to ME"
"you're the chess piece, I am the game,
"no worries, you don't need to be in the frame"
"like I said, OBEY!"
'they' will never let you stray!"

The point has been taken,
the point has been made,
but the world has been stolen,
bent over and laid!
I don't understand why,
people are so afraid,
why choose to live a lie?
they said it, you obeyed!
What the hell is going on?
its all falling apart,
the human race is loving,
but more than half have no heart!
I said it at the end,
and now its just the start,
the games have begun,
don't die, but leave a mark!

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