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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

...It's Up...

Word play like sword play,
don't care, you'll pay,
its another day,
mafucker hey yay,
gonna get you another way,
let me finish,
if I may!

24/7 til late,
the one n only,
the great,
think i'll leave this shit up to fate?
makin my own luck,
for my own sake,
you're a joke, you suck,
everything from you I'll take!
you tramp, poor little fake snake,
hide n pounce out a lake,
evil mofo, I need a wooden stake,
spring in to action with neckbreak!

The one the only,
the Lyrical Poet,
all o'them go crazy,
cos they all already know-it!
The challenge is up,
comment if you will,
you wanna battle?
bring it on "G's",
cowardly babies heres a rattle!
don't need no degrees,
step on to the stage,
freestyles please,
fill the blank page!

-> Lyrical Poet...


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