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Thursday, 11 March 2010

...Interfering Bitch...

Just don't know where the fuck I found you
somebody so spontaneous,
someone who made my feelings true,
where have you been?
all this time,
so frustrated,
us apart should be a crime.

The way you are,
you and I together,
can go really far,
is there such a thing as forever?
cruising in my car,
we can be together never?
me getting drunk at a bar,
I thought I was clever.

What can I say to you?
where is this going?
what can I do?
just sit here, flowing,
but I really have no clue,
all I know,
is that its me n you,
givin' it a go,
going with the so called flow,
neither in the know,
of where its gotta go,
nonetheless we show,
that this decision is clever,
not letting go,
oh no,
we're gonna make a go,
ready set, "NO!"
"I don't agree"
"don't do that"
"don't you see"
"shes with him, not you or me"
"I wouldnt like it if you did that to me"
"listen to me"
"its all about me"
"what I say, Me"
I turn around and I flee,
talking shit,
keep it bitch!
I dont give a fuck
fuckin' ass itch,
leavin you in a ditch!
I know what I'm doing,
they call me hitch,
shut up,
quit the snitch,
anger with a fuckin stitch.

Hate the interferance,
all irrelevance,
patience is a virtue,
and so is tolerance,
so slow it down,
listen and learn,
trust in me,
or get ready to burn,
'cos I am the alpha,
I am the one,
if it wasnt for me Bitch,
you'd be gone!

-> Lyrical Poet...


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