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Monday, 19 August 2013

...Whole New World...

It's A WHOLE NEWWW WORLDDDDDDD that we love in today welcome to my home take off your shoes you twat or I'ma baseball bat your eyes shut you fat sack of cack! Ahem.

Yes I will no I won't I will but I won't I might it'll be jokes pokes of fun maybe with a gun hey look RUN fatboy RUN cos im'a offload these 6 leaded stones who knows they might bounce off your bones hahaha rahrahrah leave a scar scar scar blat blat in your face whack whack sorry prick smack smack more socially acceptable enable me to be more lyrical physical metaphorical poisonous and noisy poised at your face to rip out your soul in to a bowl then burn it up n smoke it like a soul of grass that burned your ass you best not fuck with me keep those eyes of contempt off me I might just have to go psycho n loopy like a looney toon sue me as you hitch a ride to the A&E! Peace! In pieces like daily releases fuck that make it hourly I'm a fuckin M16 on burst firing words at your face making your life slow to a snails pace to stop n think about this fucked up world and wars of race this is the ace up my sleeve so back down n leave or I'ma pull the dagger out it's cleave n weave you a new face so anyone who sees will bereave!

Bitches cunts foes n hoes pull up a chair n touch your toes I'm the Lyrical motherfuckin Poet n nobody knows what I'll do next so pricks be on the edge of your seats vexed while I line up a hex to unleash lyrically literally upon you to destroy you! You want to step up to me? You must have a fucking death wish I'll dig up a grave and bury you with rhyming couplets n be a success on your distressing pleas of emotional turbulence somebody call this motherfucker an ambulance!

Thats me it's done this is the Lyrical Poet - step up again and I won't stop in frame till I make the world forget your name!

-> Lyrical Poet...


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