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Sunday, 1 April 2012

...Baby Steps...

A long story, you came in in the middle,
you probably heard whats been happening,
you hid away and stayed still.

You opened your eyes for the fist time,
and the world around you changed.
With every breath you've taken,
you bought hope to the people closest to you,
and furthest away.

Its amazing how something so small, can make such a difference.
Eyes empty and innocent, yet so willing to believe in the human race.
I could cry for decades, praying that you never find out how cruel this world is,
but someday, hopefully not anytime soon, you will find out.
And when the time comes, try to keep faith.
The human race may seem lost sometimes,
but then you get that glimmer of hope.
Right now, for us, its you.

-> Lyrical Poet...


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